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Our mission

Teaching machines to deliver the Programmatic Promise.

The programmatic promise

We define the programmatic promise as an efficient and effective trading system that allows publishers to profit from their inventory and advertisers to receive ROI for their adspends. To deliver the right ad, to the right person, at the right price.

The main hindrance

In a market where everyone is trying to sell everything to everyone else, the ecosystem is in a continuous state of oversupply. As a result, programmatic has become a cat-and-mouse game: DSPs try to outsmart Publishers and vice versa to create a never ending cycle where both sides exchange roles as winners or losers. Trust and transparency make it difficult to get past the initial barriers to continue moving forward to the programmatic promise.

As the core purpose of Supply Side Platforms is to be the most efficient trading partner between demand and supply, they are well positioned to remedy this issue. 

How the programmatic problem is being tackled now

Multiple initiatives from both sides of the system - i.e. DPO and SPO - have led to an increase of conflicting solutions and no clear path forward. ROI continues to drop as ad opportunities and bid requests are increasingly getting dissimilar, causing inefficiency across the entire ecosystem.


Supply Path Optimization (SPO) has been introduced by DSPs/advertisers to create the most direct, trusted, verified and efficient paths to publisher's inventory. Manifesting in actions like QPS limits, these have had negative impacts on the supply side, such as:


  • Strains on relationships with publishers and demand partners;

  • Impacts on the perceived quality of available inventory (the supply side has more to offer that cannot be utilized);

  • Missed revenue opportunities from an inefficient process resulting in money being left on the table.

This requires a new approach to the increasing importance of bid request relevance and the removal of operational roadblocks, such as manual data gathering, inexact throttling methodologies, and the way QPS limits are tackled. By answering concerns in a way that serves both sides, Rivr supports Supply Side Platforms and Exchanges in helping their partners reach their goals. Replacing DPO and SPO initiatives with a way to work together from the center, instead of the borders, opens an opportunity to systematically solve the oversupply issue and the negative effects on revenue and costs.

Why we care

Our team of engineers and data scientists are dedicated to uncovering new ways machine learning can improve partner profiles and elevate inventory monetization, delivering value across the entire ecosystem. Fundamental to a well functioning programmatic ecosystem - the financial backbone of the open internet - are good Supply Side Platforms and Ad Exchanges mediating the relationship between supply and demand. By helping them deliver on their promise to partners, everyone wins. It is the epitome of getting to the root of the problem. Together with Supply Side Platforms, we believe we can rebalance the scales of programmatic.

Index Exchange, one of the world's largest independent ad exchanges, has acquired Rivr

Together, we'll be working to address one the industry's biggest technical challenges: optimizing and curating the ever-growing scale of requests sent to DSPs.

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