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Partner Announcement: MobileFuse & Rivr

MobileFuse, a leading mobile-first advertising company, has enlisted Rivr to boost its traffic shaping activities and continued growth in the marketplace. Using Rivr, MobileFuse will be better able to focus on reducing costs for DSP and SSP buyers. These learnings ensure each programmatic auction is generating the most efficient yield optimizations for supply vs buying and server costs when accessing the MobileFuse Exchange (MFX).

Optimizing in real time, Rivr's machine learning models are able to authenticate audience classifications on both sides of the programmatic transaction, dramatically increasing the probability that the auction will be successful. With this MobileFuse is able to enhance the quality of traffic being sent to their demand partners with fewer, but more effective, bid requests to match the buyers’ interest.

Additionally, enlisting the help of Rivr's QPS Optimizer, MobileFuse is minimizing the

revenue loss imposed by the QPS limits, affording it the opportunity to tip the balance in favor of quality versus quantity. MobileFuse’s demand partners have recognized this and have directed more investment accordingly.

“Rivr’s technology was a breeze to integrate, and their team has been incredibly responsive and helpful every step along the way. From kick-off call to running on 100% of our traffic took just three months and it’s now a pivotal part of our auction strategy for MFX. We immediately were able to realize significant cost savings along with increasing the overall traffic quality for our downstream vendors,” stated Dan Barnett, EVP of Engineering for MobileFuse.

"The partnership is off to a great start," said Jeffry van Ede, CEO Rivr “It's not often we find a partner that helps us lift our game as well.” Adding that “Working with MobileFuse has been a wonderful opportunity to stretch ourselves to deliver the best we can.”
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