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Traffic Shaping

Rivr works with the power of your team to reduce unanswered bid requests weighing down your programmatic auctions. Our machine learning models dynamically decide on multi-dimensional ways to segment traffic entering the ecosystem. 


Expedite auctions, maximize QPS utilization and drive value for your partners at scale. 

Getting started with Rivr

1. Request a simulation

We will run our models to create a simulation on your data. Revealing potential impacts of Rivr, such as reduction in costs and increase in revenue.

2. Review results

Form a working group of both business and tech stakeholders to align goals across the organization, this ensures all sides get the most out of Rivr's capabilities. 

3. Test in a controlled environment

Take our tech to task by testing it live in production, showing the accuracy of the simulation and experimenting with ideas from the working group. 

4. Go live & scale up

Finally, launch into production with 100% confidence on how best to use Rivr and scale up for the best results. 

Rivr technology is adaptable

 Rivr's traffic shaping and automated QPS management system is a native solution that works in any code environment. It can be tailored to optimize different goals according to geos, apps and/or type of traffic. 


Each instance of Rivr is unique with its ML models learning on your infrastructure. This native in-process solution becomes part of your environment, tailored by you, maintained by our tech support team.

Analysis on the audience level

Identifiers like device characteristics, possible impressions and unique ad slots, as well as seasonality and unexpected changes in bidding behaviour per bidder are used to fit the most effective AI models to each division of traffic. 

Low latency

As an in-server solution with unnoticeable response time, failsafe mechanisms, and fresh predictions updated every 15min to leverage fast changing demand and supply.

Unique models

With the Rivr Library, there are no 2 identical solutions, your unique data and expertise has a direct impact on the performance.

Easy data integration

Rivr trains on data sets and logs that you already have in place. No need to create unique sources for Rivr.

Dynamically manage QPS

Rivr extracts the maximum value from the demand side's QPS limits. Keeping partners happy and increasing the profile of existing inventory by only sending relevant traffic to auctions.

Native server side solution 

 Download a sample simulation 

Index Exchange, one of the world's largest independent ad exchanges, has acquired Rivr

Together, we'll be working to address one the industry's biggest technical challenges: optimizing and curating the ever-growing scale of requests sent to DSPs.

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