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Rivr in action

“By incorporating Rivr into our auction process, our SSP has been able to deliver higher quality traffic to each of its demand partners–driving better performance at lower cost”

GumGum CTO, Ken Weiner

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Already have a traffic shaping solution in place?

Rivr’s AI library works on top of existing traffic shaping solutions without interference. Rivr’s models can apply recommendations to already filtered traffic in order to further optimize the final outcome.

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Make auctions work for both sides of your programmatic ecosystem

Over 95% of all programmatic requests are wasted. That's not good for anyone. 

Rivr is on a mission to support supply side companies in developing their competitive advantage. This means maximizing financial health & operational efficiency for our partners.

Index Exchange, one of the world's largest independent ad exchanges, has acquired Rivr

Together, we'll be working to address one the industry's biggest technical challenges: optimizing and curating the ever-growing scale of requests sent to DSPs.

Save costs by reducing waste and inefficiency

Rivr's traffic shaping increases operating margins by decreasing costs of unique, resell and header bidding traffic. By leveraging our AI library engineering teams can substantially reduce the massive waste weighing down the programmatic ad exchange; without sacrificing revenue.

Drive value across the programmatic chain

Be a source of higher quality traffic for demand partners, and of more revenue for your supply partners. Rivr optimizes your exchange to provide better matches with fewer unfilled requests, improving fill rates and getting the most out of QPS limits.

Never worry about QPS limits again 

One of our most valuable functions. Rivr allows teams to extract and utilize the demand side's QPS limits in the most granular efficient way. Drawing greater revenues from given thresholds.

Focus on what matters to you

Eliminate the need for manual work when onboarding new partners. Rivr's automated filtering & QPS management allows your business teams to focus on more growth oriented activities with your supply and demand partners. 

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